University Administration Bodies

The University Administration bodies are the Council, the Rector, assisted by the Deputy Rectors, and the Senate.

Administration of Schools & Departments

The decision making bodies of each School are the Dean, the Deanery and the General Assembly. At the departmental level the administrative decisions are established by the Chairman and the General Assembly of each Department.

Operational Framework & Quality Assurance

The University of Patras is a public academic institution that operates according to the legislation governing the Greek Education System and a set of internal regulations.The University gives primary importance to evaluation procedures assuring creative development and productive feedback for enhancing its extraversion and connection with society.

Administrative Offices

The University of Patras is supported by General Directorates, Directorates and other units, which are in charge of all administrative and technical offices. They deal with a diverse range of issues including student affairs, financial activities, research administration and human resources.

At a glance

  • Rector: 
    C. J. Bouras
  • Vice Rectors:
    • P. Dimopoulos
    • D. Mantzavinos
    • M. Marangos
    • D. Skuras
  • 438 Administrative staff members
  • 10 Directorates
  • 3 Directorates General

(as of 9/2020)