The alumni of the University of Patras constitute an inextricable part of its history and its ambassadors to the Greek community, as well as to the Greek and international scientific scene. The relation of the University of Patras with its alumni does not end with their graduation. Undoubtedly, the superb reputation of the Institution is reflected on the general recognition of the awarded degrees, while the graduates' acknowledged status in the academic and professional arena is indicative of the University's high level of educational services.The Senate of the University has decided in 2007 the establishment of the University's Alumni Association, which finally activated in 2015. Alumni’s website:

Employment & Career

The University offers its students information and support needed for making a successful transition from university to work, and for helping innovation and business development that come after graduation.

Stay connect with Upatras

The University publishes the @UP magazine and utilize social media to keep its relationship with the academic community alive. Write to @UP and become a member of our social networks to stay connected with Upatras.

Alumni Associations

During the last years several alumni clubs per Department are in operation with active members.