Address to the community of the University of Patras,

Dear students, professors and personnel of our University, I want to address you a warm greeting from the Executive Council of the University.

The higher education in Greece is entering a new era.  The aim of everybody, and especially of the members of the Council, is to work with all our powers towards the progress and advancement  of our institution. The close collaboration  with the Rector and the Deans of the Schools is the cornerstone for the progress of the University. Already, the first contacts between the governing bodies have been successful, as there is a strong determination for cooperation. Our sole purpose is the better education of our students in theoretical and practical matters and  the  research for the production of new knowledge with possibilities of practical applications, something that  would lead to their own advancement and consequently to the progress and wellbeing of our country.

I am well aware of the difficulties  that confront us and  I make a plea to all of us to work together for this common purpose. We are in the middle of difficult times, but I am sure that these difficulties will strengthen our will  and lead to the success of our efforts. Our history has shown how much we can accomplish  if we are united and fight together  for a common cause. All our efforts should be directed towards preparing the next generation to the best of our ability and especially towards avoiding the mistakes of the past. Let us be guided by the belief that our education starts at birth and ends with our natural end.

I wish to everybody strength and success in this endeavor for the good of our University and our country.

Haralambos Gavras 
Chair of the Executive Council of the University of Patras