The Department was instituted in September 1999. Materials Science is an interdisciplinary field where wide sectors of the basic natural sciences meet. It incorporates:

  • the study, both experimental and theoretical, of the structure and properties of condensed matter in its various forms
  • the design and chemical synthesis of materials with predetermined properties in connection with specific uses and applications
  • the search for, and synthesis of, new forms of molecular organization of matter.

Research priority is given to the fields of:

  • Biomaterials
  • Molecular Materials
  • Micro and Nanomaterials

The courses offered are categorized into Compulsory and Optional. These include lectures, recitations and laboratory practice. Student requirements for graduation: a) proper registration and successful course attendance for at least eight (8) semesters. b) Accumulation of at least 164 credit units (CUs) from successfully completed coursework.


Professor Paspalakis Emmanouil
Deputy Chairman: 
Professor Galanaki Iosif
Maria Skaperda
+30 2610996300
Department of Material Science
University Campus
265 04 Patras