The Department of Public Relations promotes the visibility and reputation of the University of Patras, both at home and abroad. The Department undertakes the coordination and development of the University’s public relations, as well as the promotion of educational, scientific, research and other activities. In addition, it is responsible for hosting a great number of events, such as graduation ceremonies at undergraduate and postgraduate level, awarding of Honorary Doctorate degrees, anniversaries, social, cultural and other events and celebrations, conferences, seminars, discussions of academic interest etc. It also serves as an information helpdesk for the members of the academic community and is responsible for publishing informative brochures for those interested in the Institution’s activities or services offered.

Key responsibilities of the Public Relations Department include:

  • Promoting the University through the media and across society.
  • Publishing weekly press releases about the main activities of the University, managing announcements by the academic community and monitoring press coverage.
  • Organizing and promoting the official ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, social, cultural and other events and celebrations. Designing the official presents and awards of the University.
  • Hosting official guests of the University and organizing receptions.
  • Editing the publication of anniversary speeches, printing invitations, posters and programs for events. Organizing the photographic archive of the University.
  • Managing the mailing list of the University (inputs and outputs). Editing and updating the electronic database directory of the University website.


Head: Antigoni Vakrou, tel: +30 2610 969027, email:


Nassia Papagiannaki, tel.: +30 2610- 996611, e-mail:
Sophia Antiochou, tel: +30 2610 996695, email:


Building A’
265 04 Patras