A single-qualification Master’s degree in “Networked Cities and Representations”. Duration: four (4) semesters.

Area of Study: The degree combines interdisciplinary research in the field of study shaped by a) the study of urban space cultures, b) the methods of representation and interaction that are provided by new technologies.

Objectives: The Master’s degree aims to provide specialization to graduates from Social Sciences, Humanities, Architecture, media Studies, Cultural Management and Cultural Informatics, in particular competence in studying, designing and intervening issues that are related with cultural projection and representation in urban environments.

Prospects: Graduates will be proficient in planning and applying in urban spaces interventions that pertain to such forms of representation.

Admission Requirements: Eligible for the Program are graduates from Schools of Social Sciences, Humanities, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Communication and Media Studies, Cultural Management and Cultural Informatics.