The Department of Environment and Natural Resources Management, from the School of Engineering, of Patras University, organizes and operates from the academic year 2015-2016, Postgraduate Studies Program (PSP) entitled:  «Applications of Environmental Protection & Management».

The subject of PSP is the organization and functioning of postgraduate studies related to the deepening in knowledge areas and applications of protection and environmental management, by having postgraduate courses and preparation of Graduate Theses.

The objectives of the PSP are:

• Deepening into multidisciplinary knowledge and applications, in the science of protection and environmental management.

• The creation of specialized scientific personnel in the fields of the PSP.

• The promotion of scientific research in the subject of the PSP in accordance with international standards.

The specific field that is cured by the graduate curriculum, falls within the subject area of ​​environmental education, a sector important and contemporary, covering research topics with an emphasis on green technologies, ecosystems and environmental risks.

The postgraduate program will contribute indirectly to the development of the country with the preparation and distribution of specialized scientific personnel in the fields of environmental science and technologies.