The subject of this postgraduate program is primarily concerned with the education of graduates holding an engineering degree or other relevant degrees in the scientific field of biomedical engineering including the participation/completion of scientific and technological research in the aforementioned field.

The aim of this postgraduate program is:

  1. The provision of specialized education for engineers and scientists in medical related technological applications in order to contribute to the development of the biomedical technology field and further health-care improvement activities.

  2. The development of a research culture of the graduate student body in order to further contribute and promote basic scientific research.

The field of Biomedical technology is a fostering domain caused by the significance of issues including but not limited to the aging and further health concerns of the overall population and the subsequent added value of the offered services and products for this purpose. Biomedical technology spans a wide range of interdisciplinary fields and has potential for further growth worldwide. Henceforth, the graduates from this program will be able to contribute to the overall development of the field and capable of utilizing the existing and possible future technological infrastructure in the field of health-care.

The program is addressed to graduates from departments such as Physics, Mathematics, Informatics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Medicine, Biology, Applied Math and Physics, Digital Systems, and Medical Technology Engineering.