Responsibilities of Planning Department: 

  • The collection and processing of elements which are necessary for the planning and design of buildings and other facilities of the University, the development and organization of the campus.
  • The annual program of infrastructure supply of academic functions and to promote in cooperation with the Departments of studies, the relevant tables and corresponding technical specifications, etc. the procurement service.
  • Processing and setting up building program in cooperation with the relevant University Departments.
  • The preparation of the annual work program of the Division.
  • The processing of proposals to be included in the Public Investments Program, the development of new designs and construction of new projects.
  • The collection on an annual basis of statistical data and figures related to the development of the University and the campus, the compilation of tables and reports on the systematic updating of the Rectorate, faculties, departments and services.
  • The recommendation for the planning and provision of area availability in Faculties and Departments.


Head: Ms.Tsiliri Efstathia, tel: +30 2610 969090, email:


Klotsa Maria, Civil Engineer T.E., tel: +30 2610969094, email:


Building A’, 1st floor
26504 Patras


+30 2610 969090