Responsibilities of Department of Architectural Design and Civil Engineering Design

  • The designs included in the architectural and civil engineering sector and the preparation of relevant documents for the respective projects.
  • The responsibility for promoting the process for the assignment of preparation of the department to third parties following the procedure prescribed by the applicable provisions.
  • The supervision, monitoring and control of it’s designs and it’s documents that are prepared by third party designers, the submission of relevant proposals to the Head of Directorate and the responsibility of the approval of crediting the payments for the preparation of designs.
  • The preparation of the project folders that are listed to the Technical Council for advice or promoted for decision to the relevant organizations of the University.
  • The care, in collaboration with the Department of Administrative Support and the Legal Service, for drafting procurement designs and project execution.
  • The responsibility for the preparation and approval or review of finishing jobs indexes and typical building jobs and the creation of relevant standards files, etc. price analyzes.
  • The collection and verification of the supporting documents for the expenditure of competence and promotion for payment in financial services.
  • The record-keeping of designs to the tendering and signing of contract of the respective projects. 


Head Levithopoulos Panagiotis Civil Engineer 2610 - 996659


Pintela Eleni Architect 2610 - 996642
Chatzinikolaou Theodosios Civil Engineer 2610 – 969089
Anyfanti Maria Civil Engineer 2610 – 969097
Anastasopoulou Paraskevi Civil Engineer T.E. 2610 – 969092


265 04 Patras