Responsibilities of Department of Data – Voice Network

  • The design, programming and development organization of voice data networks and related applications.
  • The coordination of actions and measures for optimal management of all voice data networks in order to achieve high-quality, reliable and secure services which include mainly:
  • The integrated infrastructure management of data and voice network.
  • The management of basic and advanced services.
  • Education of managers of computer systems and local area networks
  • The publication of user guides services and newsletters
  • Provide technical assistance and user support
  • Support the planning and development of local networks in the university services.
  • Care for good, reliable, efficient and safe operation of these information networks.


Head Lekatsas Georgios Informatics 2610 – 962602


Antonopoulos Ioannis Factory Informatics T.E. +302610962604
Foteinos Georgios PE Pliroforikis, +302610962617,
Fragkogiannis Geogrios +302641074159
Giannakopoulos Vasileios Electrical Engineer T.E. +302610962605
Ilaridis Panagiotis +302631058284
Kasola Sofia M.Ed Organisation and Management +302610962601
Konstantopoulos Spyridon +302610962614
Mpekos Vasileios Computer Engineer & Informatics +302610962612
Moraitis Gerasimos Computer Engineer & Informatics +302610962606
Orkopoulou Polixeni Informatics +302610962613
Paliatsas Nikolaos Telecommunication Systems and Netwroks +302610962608
Stathopoulos Konstantinos Computer Science and Informatics T.E. +302610962607
Tsiolias Athanasios Electrician +302610962616
Tzomaka Maria Informatics +302610962603
Xavariotis Dionisios Wiring technician +302610962609


Library and Information Centre Building University Campus
26504 Patras