Responsibilities of Department of Automation

  • The design, planning and organization of IT and promoting relevant applications.
  • The management and development of centralized systems and IT applications of university services and the good, reliable, efficient and safe operation of systems and applications.
  • The coordination of actions and measures for optimal management of all applications of computerization, with quality, reliable and secure services, which include mainly:
  • The integrated management of the IT infrastructure
  • The management of basic and advanced IT services.
  • Training managers of local applications and IT systems.
  • The publication guides use services and newsletters
  • Technical assistance and user support

Support from design and development of IT applications to the services of the university.
4. Within the steering committees operate as follows:

  • a) Networks Committee
    b) Computer Centre Commission
    c) Automation Committee.

    Each committee consists of three faculty members of the university, respective disciplines defined by their deputies, the Rector's Council, a three-year term.

    `Each Project Committee is to provide technical assistance and scientific guidance to service for the improvement and development of university networks and IT, according to current technological developments. These committees operate within the normal business hours of service. The on the functioning of the committees, the specific tasks and any other relevant details are defined in the interior of the university procedure.


Valis Christos Head 2610 - 997996


Chapsas Antonios Programmer 2610 – 969088


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