Responsibilities of Administrative Support Department  :

  • Handling of mail, maintenance of the register of the General Directorate of Technical Services, Planning and Networks and document editing.
  • Monitoring  the absorption of appropriations for design and projects that are implemented.
  • Collection and examination of the documents for the expenditure of competence and promotion for the payment to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Ensure completion of all procedures and documents required for conducting auctions and the emergence of contractors executing works or commissioning studies in collaboration with the competent services.
  • Submit the required data to the department responsible for compiling the annual program office supplies, consumables and other materials.
  • Preparation of the necessary folders and care for the examination and treatment by the Legal Service of the Foundation of all types of legal issues raised and released by the relevant directorates in the execution of projects and the studies.
  • Care in cooperation with the competent services and the Legal Service, for writing award contracts engineering consultancy and implementation projects.
  • Administrative and secretarial support of the Technical Council of any kind of committees that address issues projects and designs and administrative support of the General Directorate.
  • Operation of the General Directorate library and create judgments’ decisions files, opinions of the Council of State and the Legal Council of State and other information relating to the subject that are relative to the General Directorate.
  • Maintenance of the general archive and the project archive and the General Directorate of Technical Services Planning and Networks.


Head Diamantopoulou Eleni Electrical Engineer T.E. tel: +30 2610 996645 email:


Georgopoulou Panagiota Physicist email: tel: +30 2610 996612
Tsoga Eirini Chemist tel: +30 2610 997101
Sagia Christina Lawyer tel: +30 2610 996619
Efthimiou Maria tel: +30 2610 996621
Aravantinou Athina tel: +30 2610 996620


+30 2610 996645
+30 2610 996620