The Library and Information Centre of the University of Patras operates as an autonomous and decentralised service and constitutes the central point of information collection and dissemination. The Library aims at supporting the current research and teaching activities of the University through the provision of information resources and documentation in multiple formats (books, non-print and electronic material), while informing and guiding its users for its most efficient use. This body of information resources and documentation is also accessible to the public, as well as to other Libraries.

Acquisition & Technical Services Unit

The Unit is responsible for the acquisition, management, conservation and withdrawal of information resources in various formats, including books, journals, maps, any kind of printed material, e-books, e-journals, databases, etc., so that they can be provided to the community in an organised and usable way for effective and efficient use.

Unit personnel:
Georgia Vasileiou, tel.: 0030 2610 969619, e-mail:
Eleni Ioannou, tel.: 0030 2610 969617, e-mail:
Alcibiades Bouras, tel.: 0030 2610 969633, e-mail:
Vassilis Satlanis, tel.: 0030 2610 969618, e-mail:

Automation, Research & Development Unit

The Unit is responsible for the maintenance, administration and upgrading of the building facilities, technical infrastructure, operating and information systems of the Library, while providing for its further advancement through research and development projects.

Unit personnel:

Circulation & Reader Services Unit

The Unit supervises the operation of reading rooms, the orderly organisation of book stacks and other storage facilities, as well as the operation of key services for the community, such as circulation.

Unit personnel:
Niki Sakellari, tel.: 0030 2610 969622, e-mail:
Georgia Giannopoulou, tel.: 0030 2610 969613, e-mail:

User Support Unit

The Unit is responsible for providing a wide range of quality services, including user instruction and information literacy, user support, documentation, interlibrary loan, etc., in order to support the educational and research activities of the University

Unit personnel:
Panagiotis Georgiou, MSc, tel.: 0030 2610 969623, e-mail:
Despoina Gkogkou, MA, tel.: 0030 2610 969626, e-mail:
Constantina Sipsa, tel.: 0030 2610 969673, e-mail:
Maria Frantzi, tel.: 0030 2610 969627, e-mail:

Administration & Secretariat Unit

The Unit performs the administrative tasks needed for the Library to function effectively, including monitoring and handling financial affairs.

Unit personnel:

Aggeliki Giannopoulou, MBA, tel.: 0030 2610 969615, e-mail:


Director: Tsakonas Giannis, PhD, 0030 2610 962844,



Library & Information Center
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