The Secretariat of the Senate is one of the organizational units of the Administrative Services of the University of Patras.

Its responsibilities include:

  • Managing the process for the composition of the Senate and the Senate of Special Composition each academic year.

  • Preparing and elaborating on the issues that fall within the competence of the Senate and the Senate of Special Composition.

  • Keeping records of the minutes and organizing them by collective body and academic year.

  • Distributing (electronically or in print) the decisions of the Senate to the members of the Senate, the University Council and the units of the University.

  • Processing and announcing, whenever necessary, the decisions of the Senate.



Secretary: Cleopatra Papagianni (Head), tel. +302610969039, +302610969025, e-mail:


Athina Andrikopoulou, tel. +302610996664, e-mail:
Chrysoula Kostakou, tel. +302610969038, e-mail:


+30 2610 969039
+30 2610 969025
+30 2610 996664
+30 2610 969038