Human Resources - Payroll

The Human Resources subsystem supports the management of the University personnel records and is tightly connected to the Payroll subsystem, which processes payroll for the University personnel (teaching, administrative, technical and laboratory staff, postgraduate students)

Finance and Accounting

The Finance and Accounting subsystem supports the operations performed by the Financial Services of the University, with concurrent use of Public Accounting and Double-Entry Accounting systems for the Regular and the Public Investment Budget.

Project -Warehouse Management

The Project subsystem supports the management of the material and financial aspects of the technical projects supervised by the General Directorate of Technical Services, Planning & Networks, in cooperation with the Directorate of Financial Services which is responsible for the financial management. The Warehouse subsystem supports the management of the General Directorate of Technical Services Planning & Networks warehouse.

Correspondence - Workflow - Document Management

The Correspondence subsystem supports electronic management of incoming, outgoing and internal correspondence. It is interconnected with the Workflow Management system and the Document Management System, used for the digitization, storage and retrieval of documents.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence subsystem uses data extracted from other subsystems and transforms them into useful information in order to assist decision making.


The Helpdesk is used by University students and personnel asking for assistance and technical support as well as for equipment maintenance. Users issue tickets at, after logging in with their university credentials (username/ password).