The Department of Civil Engineering offers the postgraduate program (60 ECTS) entitled "Design of Resilient, Sustainable and Intelligent Infrastructures". The duration of study is one academic year. Courses are taught in Greek or English (if foreign students are in attendance). Students may elect to follow either the 8-course track or the 6-course+thesis track.

The content of the program is the design of resilient, sustainable and efficient infrastructures like buildings, bridges, dams, geotechnical works, transportation works, hydraulic works, environmental protection works, etc. under accidental actions (earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis, etc.) The program covers the theoretical principles of design but also the practical aspects based on the experience in the construction and operation of such infrastructures.

The program awards the Postgraduate Diploma (MSc equivalent) in "Design of Resilient, Sustainable and Intelligent Infrastructures" in one of the following specializations:

  • Resilient Materials, Structures and Geotechnical Infrastructures
  • Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Infrastructures
  • Intelligent Systems in Transportation and Construction Project Management

The program has no tuition or admission fee.



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