The Joint MSc Programme «Applied Biochemistry: Clinical Chemistry, Biotechnology, Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Products» has as its subject-matter Biochemistry and its applications, covering this subject both in its theoretical dimension and in its practice.

The main objectives of the programme are:

  • the education on advanced topics of biochemistry and their applications as well as modern quantitative and qualitative methods of biological samples analysis, familiarity with the use of modern technologies, promotion of scientific excellence and research, cultivation and development of leadership capabilities,
  • the widening and promotion of theoretical and applied knowledge in the individual objects of the Joint MSc Programme,
  • the investigation of problems related to human, animal or plant pathological conditions,
  • the development of scientists able to undertake PhD studies in relevant scientific areas,
  • the creation of executives with strong theoretical background and upgraded analytical skills in modern Health, Care and Sustainable Development policies capable of addressing the challenges of the modern environment,
  • providing students with knowledge and analytical research tools that will enable them to work as professional executives in positions of increased responsibility in Health Units, Pharmaceutical Companies, Food Industries, development companies with the objective of developing and promoting new therapeutic approaches, or even the central government, regional and local authorities.

Duration: 3 semesters

Fees: 1500 €

Numbers of Admissions: 20