Aims and Objectives

The food industry is one of the most important sectors of Greek manufacturing. The industry has an outstanding position in the Greek economy, contributing significantly to the overall economy and GDP. It is a very dynamic competitive and extrovert industry.
The MBA in Food Business Management focuses on the various aspects of management such as practices, processes and outcomes in different food contexts, both in large multinational and small enterprises as well as in agricultural cooperatives.
The curriculum develops a comprehensive view regarding education and apart from offering knowledge on the field, it places emphasis on the development of students' communicative, cognitive and interpersonal characteristics and skills. Extra prominence is given to leadership, strategy, creativity and change that helps inform contemporary debates about how to effectively manage limited resources with maximum impact.

The MBA in Food Business Management enables students to come into contact with the context of food enterprises by a variety of means including a) study of case studies, b) visits to plants of production, an c) teaching materials making use of business games, which have been developed on the basis of actual characteristics of the Greek economy and of the food industry.

The goals of the programme are:
   a) to strengthen students’ logical ability, and analytical thinking
   b) to help students develop communication and personality standards
   c) to train students on how to work in groups,
   d) to enhance networking with influencers/players from the industry,
   e) to reinforce problem solving, decision-making and strategic thinking.

The maximum number of students admitted in the Programme of postgraduate studies is 35 per year.

The duration of the MBA is three (3) academic semesters.

Academic requirements

The programme offered is full time and attendance is compulsory. It is aimed at graduate students of higher education domestically and abroad, holders of undergraduate degrees in exact, economic and related disciplines who wish to establish themselves as competent and fully trained staff in the field of Food Sector. Graduate candidate students must meet the following conditions:

They must be graduates of Greek or recognized, law-abiding foreign university departments specializing in Business Administration or graduates of other disciplines of Sciences, Economics, Polytechnic and Agricultural Faculties of Universities in Greece or abroad.


Students need to attend and successfully pass the exams of 12 taught courses. They must also submit a dissertation in order to obtain the MBA in Food Business Management. 


The MBA degree is granted after a) successful completion of mandatory coursework during all three semesters (total 90 ECTS), b) successful outcome of examinations of the courses taught in all semesters, and c) successful submission of a dissertation (30 ECTS).