The main area of the Master of Science program (M.Sc.) is Applied Economics and Data Analysis of broad economic fields covering both the theoretical and applied sides of each field.
The objectives of the M.Sc. program are:

a. the advancement of theoretical and applied knowledge in Economics to the highest degree
b. the promotion of scientific excellence and research in Economics
c. to help develop students into scientists who are interested to follow doctoral studies in relevant scientific fields
d. the creation of business executives with a strong knowledge of Applied Economics able to successfully face the challenges of modern economic environments.
e. to promote the ability of students to organize their own businesses or have a career in executive positions within large scale corporations and organizations of the private and public sectors.
f. the development of analytical skills in the aforementioned areas, we aim to help students develop leadership traits, get acclimated with modern technology and develop the skills necessary to successfully face real life challenges in their future careers.

The M.Sc. program awards a Degree of Graduate Studies in “Applied Economics and Data Analysis”
The duration of the program is two (2) academic semesters which offers 60 ECTS.
The maximum number of students enrolled to the program is forty (40).
Tuition fees amount: 3.300 € for the entire program. A limited amount of scholarships is offered.



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