The postgraduate program (MSc) in Biomedical Sciences is among the oldest and most prestigious programs in the field. The program aims to provide a high level of postgraduate education to understand the molecular basis of human diseases as well as to acquire skills related to the application of the results of basic research in clinical practice, utilizing the knowledge and specialization of the faculty members of the School of Medicine and with the participation of experts and distinguished scientists from other universities or institutions in the country but also from abroad.

The scientific areas in which the Post-graduate students are currently trained for the acquisition of a Specialization Diploma, include:


Medical Molecular Genetics

Medical-Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology


Molecular Anatomy-Clinical Molecular Histopathology

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Additional scientific areas may be proposed by the scientific board to the General Assembly of the School of Medicine for approval, in accordance with applicable provisions.

The MSc "Biomedical Sciences" leads exclusively to the award of a Master’s Diploma (MSc) in "Biomedical Sciences."

The attendance is free of tuition fees and up to 30 candidates can be admitted annually.



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