Participating Departments School of Medicine, Department of Physics, University of Patras.

Aims and Objectives
The postgraduate program in Medical Physics – Radiation Physics was founded in 1988 and has been the first program in Greece (1993) officially offering a Postgraduate Diploma (Master of Science). The program has recently (2018) been revised (FEK 1627/10.5.2018 & FEK 3922/10.9.2018), aiming to:

  • be harmonised with European Medical Physics Programs of studies accreditation specifications.
  • prepare graduates (holding a BSc Degree in Physics) to be accepted in the 3-year training in Medical Physics offered by the Greek Hospitals, required for participating to the Professional License Examinations.
  • offer scientific knowledge and research skills, necessary to Physicists and related Scientists, wishing to be involved in Research and Development in the field of Medical Physics-Radiation Physics.

The duration of the Program is three (3) academic semesters, leading to a Postgraduate Diploma (Master of Science) in Medical Physics-Radiation Physics.

Language of Instruction

The syllabus is divided into three (3) semesters. The 1st semester consists of seven (7) topics, which offer basic medical sciences, medical-radiation physics, as well as basic research methodology tools and skills. The 2nd semester consists of six (6) topics, which offer advanced of diagnostic and therapeutic physics methods and technologies. During the 3rd semester, the students carry out research work, required for completion of their MSc thesis. 
All topics are compulsory including the MSc Thesis. The programme corresponds to 90 ECTS. Each semester corresponds to 30 ECTS.

First semester topics
(1) Research Methodology, (2) Biostatistics, (3) Basic Medical Sciences I (Biochemistry-Biology), (4) Basic Medical Sciencew II (Anatomy-Physiology-Pathophysiology), (5) Radiation–Matter Interactions, (6) Dosimetry and (7) Medical Informatics.

Second semester topics
(1) Physics of X-Ray Medical Imaging, (2) Physics of Nuclear Medicine, (3) Physics of Radiotherapy, (4) Radioprotection–Radiobiology, (5) Physics of Non-Ionising Radiation and (6) Medical Image Analysis.

Third semester
Postgraduate Thesis.

Entry Requirements
Candidates are eligible for admittance and registration in the Programme after an open call.  Candidates must  hold a Degree in Physics orMathematics, Applied Physics & Mathematics, Medicine, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Radiology Technology, or an equivalent and corresponding National or International Degree, in accordance with Greek legislation. The maximum annual numbers of available positions are 20, while no fees are required.

Contact - Information
Mrs Vanessa Korbaki, Secretariat of School of Medicine, tel. 2610-969106, fax: 2610-996103, e-mail:


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