Goals: The goal of the Doctoral Program of the Department is to train scientists (PhD candidates) at an advanced level in the area of Computer Engineering & Informatics so that they produce innovative research that contributes in tangible ways to the state-of-the-art of the field. The program, leading to the PhD in Computer Engineering & Informatics (at level 8  of the European Qualifications Framework), is regularly addressed to individuals already holding a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering & Informatics or in related areas, and who have a strong interest in research. Interdisciplinary approaches and contributions by individuals coming from other areas, interested in exploring research issues related to the Department’s areas of interest and their field, are also considered. CEID PhD holders would be in a position to work as highly qualified experts and to assume positions of lead experts in research, teaching, and service in industry, business and government.  For the record, CEID PhD holders have been very successful  in Greece, in Europe and internationally.

The following paragraphs provide a summary of aspects of the program. A full description (in Greek) can be found at the Department's website. For more information, please contact the Department’s Graduate Office.

Application: Applications to the program can be filed in response to relevant calls issued by the Department on its website and elsewhere. Applications can also be filed to the  Department (Graduate Office) at any time. The application must include, among others, the topic of interest, the proposed faculty supervisor, a detailed curriculum vitae, copies of all previous degrees and diplomas together with grade reports (with the necessary certifications from the relevant State agencies regarding their level), a 2 to 4-page statement with a thesis proposal and a description of the research interests and priorities of the candidate, a certificate of English proficiency (level B2), at least two recommendations from faculty or PhD holding researchers acquainted with the candidate’s prior record (the candidate must provide the names and inform the recommenders to send their letter directly to the Department), readily accessible links to any relevant publications mentioned by the candidate in his CV, as well as any other information that might be useful to the admission committee.

Brief description: The duration of the program is a minimum of three years. Admissions may be conditional, depending on the candidate’s background. The program requires no fees. PhD candidates are expected to contribute to the academic work and life of the Department in various ways, for example, as Teaching and Lab Assistants, in Seminar presentations, etc. The program requires the completion of 5 advanced level courses. Depending on the candidate’s qualifications, some courses may be waived, except for one course that is specific to the PhD program. These courses must be completed in the first two years of the program. After at least one and at most two years, the PhD candidate must write an extensive Technical Report that will demonstrate the candidate’s understanding of the state-of-the-art of his research field and of the basic research questions raised and how they relate to his proposed contribution. The candidate is required to file the Report and to be examined orally on its content by the thesis advisory committee. To proceed any further in the program, the candidate is obliged to pass the aforementioned examination.


Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics