PhD studies aim to conduct high quality and state-of-the-art scientific research, as well as to train scientists to be able to contribute to the progress and evolution of science. The graduates of the PhD programs are destined to staff the research, business and academic workforce of Greece or abroad. At the same time, both for our Department and our University, the PhD program is a source of academic prestige and international academic distinction, which contributes to the qualitative and quantitative advancement of research.

Applications for a PhD dissertation can be submitted only by MSc holders from:

  • Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, Aeronautical Engineering and Naval Architecture, as well as other departments of the national Schools of Engineering, or peer recognized international institutions from abroad.
  • Departments of Schools of Science and Schools of Health Sciences in Greece or peer recognized institutions from abroad.

In exceptional cases (i.e. when a candidate demonstrates a scientific publication or a patent of excellent quality), and upon a justified decision of the General Assembly of the Department, a no MSc degree holder can be enrolled in the PhD grogram.

Graduates from TEI, ASPETE and equivalent schools can be accepted as PhD candidates only if they hold a MSc degree. For the PhD candidates who do not hold a MSc degree, the minimum duration of the PhD dissertation is 4 years. PhD candidates who have been accepted exceptionally (without holding a MSc degree) have to attend and successfully complete a set of courses that has been dictated by the General Assembly of the Department.  

PhD candidates are obliged to successfully attend a minimum of four (4) courses from our department’s curriculum (or curricula of other departments), after the recommendation of the three-member advisory committee and the decision of the General Assembly of the Department.

A PhD diploma cannot be obtained in less than three (3) full calendar years from the date that the three-member advisory committee was defined.


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