The Department of Philosophy offers doctoral degrees in philosophy. Doctoral degrees are awarded for original research which yields significant results and promotes the discipline. Duration of doctoral studies is a minimum three years.

Prospective applicants from abroad should contact members of the department directly. Information about the research profiles of each member of staff, as well as their contact details, can be found here.

Admission is conditional on acceptance of a research proposal submitted to the Department of Philosophy.

Applicants must have:
(a) an undergraduate degree, from a Greek university or higher technical education college or a foreign institution recognized as equivalent by the Greek NARIC authority, and
(b) a Masters degree from a Greek institution or a foreign institution recognized as equivalent, or a Masters-equivalent degree as defined by law 4485/2017 art. 46.

Application is open to candidates from all scientific fields. If the applicant’s undergraduate degree is not in philosophy or an affiliated discipline, their Masters degree has to be in philosophy or an affiliated discipline.

In exceptional cases (eg a proven scientific publications record) the Department of Philosophy admits applicants without Masters degrees. This exception does not apply to graduates of higher technical education colleges. Applicants admitted without Masters degrees are required to complete a structured program of courses set by the department.

Doctoral students funded by recognized international programs and satisfying the admission requirements are admitted by a departmental decision based on the international program’s provisions and issued independently of the call and selection process.


Department of Philosophy

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