The applicants for the PhD program must hold an MSc degree from a Greek higher education institute or an equivalent MSc degree from a recognized and accredited foreign university. The applicants may submit a description of their PhD proposal at any time during the academic year, in collaboration with a perspective supervisor from the department.

The following criteria are considered when evaluating candidates for admission to the PhD program:

  • Consistency of the candidate’s research proposal with the department’s mission and goals.
  • Achievements in past undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's potential to succeed in a competitive PhD program and achieve high quality research results.
  • Interview with the Departmental PhD Studies Committee.

PhD seminars offered by Business Administration Department cover a broad range of theoretical and applied subjects, including management, entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, finance, operational research, production planning and control, logistics, information systems, game theory and decision support systems.  Students choose a subject and the corresponding reading course work according to their research interests and the submitted research plan.

PhD program elements include a minimum of three years research activity, close collaboration with the supervisor and the supervisory committee as well as other faculty members and PhD students. Faculty members publish their joint research work with their PhD students in some of the top international, peer-reviewed, journals and proceedings of conferences.

The PhD program objectives are accomplished in several ways including independent reading, basic and applied research work, co-authoring papers, teaching and supervising undergraduate students’ assignments as research assistants.


Department of Business Administration