The Program of PhD Studies (PDS) at the Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education aims at conducting cutting-edge research in educational sciences and producing specialists who are very well-equipped to advance research and knowledge in this scientific field.

The PDS leads to a ‘PhD Degree in ‘Educational Sciences’.

Requirements for submitting an application 
Those who are interested in applying for the PDS should:

  • Hold a bachelor’s and a master’s degree awarded by a Greek or a foreign Higher Education Institution; in the latter case, the degrees should be recognized by the Hellenic NARIC.
  • Be able to certify that they know sufficiently an official EU language, preferably English, either by providing Level C2 Language Certificates recognized by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP), or by successfully taking the language exams organized by the Department.
  • Be able to provide a ‘letter of intent to supervise’ by a faculty member who is entitled to provide supervision.

It is noted that in exceptional cases and only after a grounded decision of the faculty, it is possible for an applicant who does not hold a master’s degree to be admitted to the PDS.

Time of studies
The PDS cannot be completed in less than three and more than six years from the appointment of the student’s three-member advisory committee. A temporary suspension of studies can be requested because of medical or other serious problems.

Tuition fees
The PDS is offered gratis.


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