Doctoral studies aim to create high-quality and up-to-date scientific research, as well as to train scientists become capable of contributing to the advancement and development of science and basic research.

Graduates of doctoral programmes are intended to staff the research, business and educational potential of the country and abroad. At the same time, the doctoral programme is a source of academic prestige and international academic excellence for the Department, as well as for the University in general, and contributes to the qualitative and quantitative enhancement of research output.

The minimum qualifications of potential PhD candidates are:
a) University degree (University or TEI) of the country of origin or recognized as foreign equivalent institution
b) postgraduate diploma (M.Sc.) recognized by DOATAP as an equivalent foreign institution, or a postgraduate degree, in accordance with article 46 of Law 4485/2017

In exceptional cases (such as a scientific publication of excellent quality or patent), and after a reasoned decision by the Assembly of the Department, an individual who is not a postgraduate degree holder can be accepted as doctoral candidate. Graduates of TEI, ASPAΙTE or equivalent schools can only be accepted as PhD candidates if they hold a postgraduate degree.

Specifically, for PhD candidates who do not hold a postgraduate degree, the duration of the PhD preparation is set for a minimum of 4 years. PhD candidates who are admitted exceptionally without a postgraduate degree are required to complete a course defined by the Assembly of the Department. Course attendance is calculated as the minimum time required to obtain a doctorate.

The time required to gain a doctorate may not be less than three (3) full calendar years from the date of the appointment of the three-member advisory committee.


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