The Program of PhD Studies (PDS) aims to foster high quality and cutting-edge scientific research together with the training of young scientists to actively contribute to the research progress and knowledge advancement in the disciplines of History and Archaeology. PhD graduates are expected to have acquired the necessary skills to enter the scientific, educational and business workforce at a national and international level. At the same time, the study program extends the academic role of our Department and acts as an additional hub of academic excellence for the University of Patras by contributing to the enhancement of research orientations and outputs.
More precisely, the PhD Program:
a) Promotes academic research and produces new knowledge in the fields of History and Archaeology.
b) Provides training for new researchers so that disciplinary knowledge may be further expanded within and across its boundaries.
c) Creates synergies with the Graduate and Post-Graduate study programs of the Department of History and Archaeology as well as with other Post-Graduate courses at the University of Patras and other Greek Universities, in order to maximize the mobilization of the human resources and the enhancement of the scientific assets of the department.
d) Develops the Department's academic contribution in Greece and abroad through a curriculum that will facilitate: (1) an awareness of major theoretical issues and methodological trends, combined with the appreciation of widespread and novel analytical techniques at the core of Historical and Archaeological research, (2) an original approach that considers digital technology as a tool for the Historian - Archaeologist of the digital age and as an element that transforms the research practices, the representation and the modern consumption of the past, (3) a direct connection of theoretical approaches with cultural heritage policies.
e) Serves to establish the Department as a significant and attractive research hub for young researchers and acclaimed colleagues from Greece and abroad.

The minimum qualifications for doctoral candidates are:

  • University Degree (University or TEI) from a Greek Institution or from a recognized as an equivalent institution of a foreign country.
  • Postgraduate Diploma (Master of Science) from a Greek higher education institute or from a foreign institution recognized by the Hellenic NARIC (DOATAP) as an equivalent accredited, or, an integrated Master, in accordance with article 46 of Law 4485/2017.
  • Certificate of sufficient knowledge of at least one of the following four official EU languages: English, French, German, Italian. Candidates should hold language certificates, recognized by ASEP (Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection) at level C1 or higher.  

The minimum duration for obtaining their Doctoral Degree may not be less than three (3) full calendar years from the date of appointment of the three-member Advisory Committee.


Department of History and Archaeology

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