Besides the Undergraduate Program in Architecture (leading to a five-year professional Diploma in Architecture) and two Post-Graduate Programs (a one-year/three-term advanced program in Architecture and Urban Design, leading to a Graduate Degree in Architecture and Urban Design, and a two-year/four-term advanced program in Heritage Management, ‘Archeology, the City and Architecture’, offered in co-operation with the Department of Archeology of the University of Athens and the Department of Cultural Management of the University of the Aegean), the Department of Architecture offers a Doctoral Program in Architecture.

The program, leading to the degree of Doctor in Architecture, is regularly addressed to individuals already holding a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Urban Design and related areas, with a strong interest in advanced design, research and teaching.

Interdisciplinary approaches and contributions by individuals coming from other areas, interested in exploring  issues related to both their field of origin and the design disciplines, are strongly encouraged.

Each February or March a public call is made by the Department, inviting applications and describing relevant requirements and procedures. Αll applications are examined by the Department and successful applicants are assigned to a three-member advising committee.

The doctoral program is subject to the relevant regulations of the Greek State, the university of Patras and the Department.

The duration of study is three years. Under special circumstances it can be expanded up to a maximum of five years.

Ιnfo: University of Patras Department of Architecture Registrar’s Office


Department of Architecture

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