The Department of Management Science and Technology of the University of Patras was founded in 2019 (L. 4610/19 art. 36) and started its operation in the academic year 2019-2020. The Department is based in Patras and is a member of the School of Economics and Business.

The primary academic objective of the Department of Management Science and Technology is to create executives with basic knowledge of management science, with knowledge and skills to manage and use modern technologies, and with the necessary administrative and leadership skills, emphasizing the use of quantitative methods, IT and communications in decision-making, business strategy development and reorganization of business activities. With this combination of knowledge and abilities, graduates can effectively take and implement strategic and operational decisions that by their very nature require a multidisciplinary approach.

The Department offers the following streams:
A) Business Decision Making
B) Information Systems

The Department has 8 fully computer-assembled laboratories that serve a total of 180 students as well as an organized library that is continuously enriched.


Graduate Programs:

  • Education Management
  • Digital Innovation and Management , with the following directions:
    a) Digital Marketing
    b) e-Government



Professor Antonopoulou Sotiria
Deputy Chairman: 
Professor Mitropoulos Ioannis
Olga Zacharopoulou
2610 369210
2610 369201
2610 369203
Department of Management Science and Technology
Megalou Aleksandrou 1, Koukouli
26334 Patras