The Department of Speech and Language Therapy of the University of Patras was established in May 2019, incorporating the students, faculty and staff of the corresponding Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece (former TEI of Patras), which was founded in 1996, making it the first such Department of Higher Education in Greece.

The mission of the Department is to educate students on the biological processes of communication (language, speech, voice) and swallowing, to engage in the scientific study of human communication and its disorders, and to serve the community of individuals with communication disorders or differences.

Τhe Clinic of Speech and Language Therapy, which is part of the Department, offers free of charge assessment and intervention services to children and adults with communication and swallowing disorders, within the Clinical Practicum courses. There are two research labs in the Department: ‘Theoretical & Experimental Linguistics: typical acquisition and impairments’ and ‘Speech, Voice & Augmentative Alternative Communication Technology’.


Vasilis Danielides, Professor
Deputy Chairman: 
Παπαθανασίου Ηλία, Καθηγητή
NikoletaTsirakou 2610 - 362440 Varvara Lazari 2610 - 362474
Department of Speech & Language Therapy
Meg. Alexandrou 1, Koukouli
26334 Patras