Since May 2019, the Department of Nursing is part of the School of Health Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Patras.

It was founded as KATE in 1973 and according to Law 1403/1983 it became part of the Technological Educational Institute and according to Law 2916/2001 it is one of the country’s Higher Tertiary Education Departments. Based on Law 4009/2011 it was one of the Departments of the Technological Sector of Higher Education. According to Presidential Decree 94 (Government Gazette 132/issue A / 5-6-2013) the department was named Department of Nursing, School of Health Professions, TEI of Western Greece, which resulted from the merger of TEI Patras and TEI Mesolongi.

The aim of the Department is to introduce students to the dynamic nature of Nursing as it applies to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary care, as well as to develop a cognitive background, skills and attitudes that will enable the graduate to assess the patient's health needs, intervene appropriately through documented care and evaluate the effects of that care.

The Department’s curriculum involves theoretical, laboratory and clinical education. This is based upon nursing science and offered through recent evidence-based scientific research knowledge and teaching courses that reflect modern nursing practice. Students are taught and encouraged to use analytical, critical and reflective thinking skills, as well as principles and methods of nursing research.

As professional nurses, the Department’s graduates will be able to provide safe, high quality nursing care in various health care settings, promote the nursing profession and health services through the application of evidence-based practices. Graduates will be competent in participating in nursing education, research and administration.

Since 2013, the Department is located in a three-story building facility.



Bakalis Nikolaos, Associate Professor
Deputy Chairman: 
Kiekkas Panagiotis, Associate Professor
Department of Nursing
ADMINISTRATION OFFICE: 1 Megalou Alexandrou Street, Tel: +30 2610 369130-131-114
DEPARTMENT OF NURSING BUILDING: 4 Nikolaou Gyzi Street, Tel: 2610330553 - 2610329943
26334 Koukouli, Patras, Greece