The Departments of Geology and Biology of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Patras, starting from the academic year 2019-2020 jointly offer a new Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program (MSc) in "Oceanography - Exploration assessment and management of marine environment".

The MSc Program "Oceanography - Exploration assessment and management of marine environment" aims to provide high-quality postgraduate education and training of young scientists so that they can develop and apply methodologies and techniques in marine environmental management issues, cases of pollution and degradation, fish stocks assessment and fisheries management, basic aquaculture techniques and methods, and management of marine natural and cultural heritage. Graduates will be able to staff companies and organizations in the private and public sectors, implementing European Directives related to the marine environment and/or pursue doctoral studies.

The duration of the MSc program lasts for three semesters and is addressed to students holding a Bachelor degree or equivalent from disciplines related to Natural and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Archaeology, Humanities, Agriculture, Environmental and Marine Sciences and others close related. The number of admissions to the program per year is up to a maximum of fifteen (15).

The total of credit units (ECTS) required to obtain a Master’s degree is 90 ECTS. The MSc modules have a duration of six months. The teaching of the modules as well as the writing of the Diploma Research Thesis is done in Greek and/or English Language. In order to obtain the Postgraduate Diploma (MSc) students are required to attend and successfully pass 8 modules (5 compulsory modules in the 1st semester, 1 compulsory module in the 2nd semester, 1 elective course in the 2nd semester and 1 compulsory Fieldwork), and successfully complete their Diploma Research Thesis during the 2nd and the 3rd Semester and defend it. Modules are credited with a total workload of 42 ECTS and the Diploma Research Thesis with a total workload of 48 ECTS.

The detailed programme of the modules offered in the course is available here.


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