The Independent Department of Library and Information Material has as a purpose the organization and operation of a Library which will manage the bibliographical material for the Merge Departments. It has a central reading room, a lending department for the students of the former Western TEI of Greece as well as for the newly established Departments.

Its main concern is the enrichment of the library with books,  journals, studies, scientific journals and any kind of material, which is regulated by international standards.

For the classification and documentation of the material it uses the internationally established systems and it is connected (via computer programs) with the Library and Information Center of University of Patras, as well as with other libraries in the country or other countries.The evaluation, training and implementation of book supply program and other material for its collection enrichment is being made in collaboration with the Library and Information Center of University of Patras.


Head: Atamegkou Anastasia, tel: +30 2610.369057 e-mail:,


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