The postgraduate program "Sustainable Fisheries, Aquaculture" offers postgraduate education to life-sciences graduates or other relative scientific majors, so that they gain a strong scientific background, broaden their experience and know-how in the sustainable production of aquatic organisms with concern for environmental protection. In its context is included the scientifically documented knowledge in sustainable production, the research into the production and utilization of advanced theoretical knowledge as well as the development of innovative methodologies, techniques and applications.

Emphasis is also given to the environmental dimension of applications and production techniques. The MSc courses cover topics in the fields of aquatic ecosystems, aquatic organism exploitation, aquatic production systems, modern aquaculture systems, environmental-friendly techniques as well as scientific methodology of the subject.

The main objective of the program is the pursuit of knowledge leading to highly educated and skilled scientists who thereafter will be in position to:

a) Know and understand the principles of aquatic organism production systems and the diversity of the currently cultured species.
b) Understand and critically evaluate the development of sustainable aquaculture production practices.
c) Develop the ability to evaluate the new developments in production systems in terms of their commercial, technical, environmental and social aspects.
d) Develop skills in exploration and evaluation of the available information concerning individual projects as well as in the synthesis of interdisciplinary scientific topics.
e) Acquire the ability of designing and analyzing research data using qualitative and quantitative methods.
f) Staff the aquatic production market with scientists equipped with the required knowledge and skills for a successful career.

The Post graduate program leads to an MSc diploma in "Sustainable Fisheries, Aquaculture".

Total ECTS credits required for obtaining the degree amounts to 90, distributed in three (3) semesters (30 ECTS per semester) and maximum number of enrolled students to the program is up to fifteen (15) per year.

The Postgraduate Program "Sustainable Fisheries, Aquaculture" has no tuition fees.



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