Interdepartmental Programme of Postgraduate Studies of the Departments of Medicine and Pharmacy of the School of Health Sciences of the University of Patras entitled “Personalized Medicine”

Scope - Purpose
The I.P.P.S. “Personalized Medicine” aims to provide a high level of postgraduate education to graduates of University and Technological Education Institutes, in the field of Personalized Medicine. Personalized Medicine is a rapidly evolving field, which covers the entire diagnostic and therapeutic range of diseases. It studies the molecular-biological background of diseases and uses it for the application of personalised therapies. The following scientific fields are the subjects of the I.P.P.S.: Molecular biology, translational research, pharmacogenomics, clinical medicine, biomedicine, biotechnology, and economics of targeted therapies.
The main purpose of the proposed P.P.S. is to train graduate scientists of various specialities in the fields of design, implementation and evaluation of programmes and actions in the multifaceted subject of Personalized Medicine.

The additional objectives of the Programme cover the general strategic development planning of the University of Patras, namely:

  • Promoting knowledge, developing research, and covering the educational, research and social needs of the country.
  • The high level of training of biomedical scientists in the applications of personalized medicine in the fields of research, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, so that they can contribute to the development of this scientific field and to the promotion of health.
  • The interdisciplinary training of young scientists, to ensure and encourage the development of primary scientific research either in the framework of research programmes or their employment in the sector of Health and in areas of development of the national economy.
  • The preparation of graduates for postgraduate studies at the doctoral level.
  • In particular, the cooperation of the two Departments of the School of Health Sciences of the University of Patras pursues the following goals: (a) Leveraging the scientific potential of the two Departments which specialises in the interdisciplinary subject of the programme, (b) Using the material and technical infrastructure of the collaborating Departments and (c) having the I.P.P.S. evaluated by an independent evaluation body and in the future, gaining international recognition.

Categories of Graduates
Holders of a first cycle degree from the following Departments/Schools of the country or similar institutions abroad are admitted to the I.P.P.S. after an open call and selection: Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Biology, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Nursing of the Universities of the country, as well as holders of equivalent and corresponding degrees of domestic and foreign studies, according to the current legislation.

Number of Admissions
The number of students admitted to the I.P.P.S. per year is set at a maximum of fifty (50).

Master Title
The I.P.P.S. awards a Postgraduate Diploma (P.D.) in “Personalized Medicine”.

The I.P.P.S. is structured in two (2) academic semesters, which include 11 core courses.

Tuition fees
Tuition fees (3000 euros) are considered necessary for this I.P.P.S. that is unique in our country, which treats an innovative subject and aspires to attract foreign students, providing them with the opportunity to be taught by specialist scientists from Greece and abroad.


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