The Department of Museology of the University of Patras, in the meeting no. 01 / 09-09-2020 of the Assembly, decided to announce doctoral candidate positions in the Doctoral Studies Program, according to the decision of the Senate of the University of Patras (meeting 173 / 26.8.2020) approval of the Regulation of Doctoral Studies, (Government Gazette Issue B '3628 / 31-8-2020), according to the provisions of Law 4485/2017.

According to the article 4 of the Regulations of Doctoral Studies of the Department of Museology, the minimum formal qualifications that candidates must have are the following:

  1. University degree (University or T.E.I.) of the home country or recognized as an equivalent institution abroad.
  2. Diploma of Postgraduate Studies of the country or recognized by the D.O.A.T.A.P. as an equal institution abroad, or the possession of a single and indivisible postgraduate degree, according to article 46 of law 4485/2017.
  3. Certification of sufficient knowledge of the official language of the European Union (a) through the C2 level Foreign Language degrees recognized by ASEP, or (b) through examination of a corresponding level of language proficiency that will be conducted by the Department.
  4. Letter of intent to supervise the proposed doctoral dissertation from a faculty member of the Department who is entitled to supervise.

In exceptional cases (for example an excellent quality and level scientific publication or patent), and after a reasoned decision of the Assembly of the Department, a doctoral candidate and non-holder of a postgraduate degree can be accepted.

Graduates of T.E.I., Α.Σ.Π.Α.Ι.Τ.Ε. or equivalent schools can be accepted as doctoral candidates only if they hold a postgraduate degree. Especially for doctoral candidates, who do not have a postgraduate degree, the duration of the doctoral thesis is set at a minimum of 4 years. For doctoral candidates who are admitted exceptionally without holding a Board of Directors, they are required to complete an organized course defined by the Assembly of the Department. Compulsory course attendance time is calculated as the minimum time for obtaining a doctorate.

The required supporting documents submitted by each candidate are the following:

  1. Relevant application to the Secretariat of the Department.
  2. Detailed CV (with attached proofs).
  3. Concise Draft of the Doctoral Thesis Proposal (article 38 of Law 4485/17) which should contain at least the following:
    • Proposed topic of Doctoral Thesis.
    • Problematic - documentation of originality.
    • Aims, objectives, research questions.
    • Research methodology.
    • Expected results.
    • Indicative bibliography.
    • Determining the estimated duration of the basic stages of the doctoral dissertation, indicative timetable.
    • Relevance of the proposed topic with the subject and the overall academic work of the supervising faculty member.
  4. Certificate of adequate knowledge of at least one official language of the European Union, preferably English.
  5. Copies of dissertations, including diploma theses, prepared in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  6. Reprinted or digital copies of articles published in scientific journals with a system of reviewers, monographs or distinctions.
  7. Letter of intent to supervise the proposed doctoral thesis by a faculty member of the Department who is entitled to supervise.
  8. Any other information that the candidate believes can assist in the substantive evaluation of his / her application, such as publications, scientific papers.
  9. At least 2 letters of recommendation from Professors of universities, the Candidate had or has an academic relationship with.

It is pointed out that a precondition for the evaluation of the application is having had previous cooperation with the proposed Supervisor and having secured his / her consent.

The Candidate may also submit any other information that could help the Evaluation Committee form a more complete opinion.

The way of choosing doctoral candidates in the Department of Museology is defined in the article 6 of the regulation (Government Gazette Issue B ’3628 / 31-8-2020).

The rights, the additional obligations of the doctoral candidate, the deliverables and the time limits for the completion of the dissertations are explicitly mentioned in the Regulation of Doctoral Studies of the Department of Museology and constitute a prerequisite for their selection for obtaining the Doctoral Diploma.

Application start date: 1 November 2020

Candidates' applications:

a. are submitted electronically, from the above date, to the email address:
b. are submitted to the Secretariat of the Department with the attached supporting documents attached.

For more information, interested parties can contact the Secretariat of the Department of Museology at 2610962885 (09: 00-13: 00) or at the e-mail address


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