The Post-graduate Program of Studies of the Department of Geology in «Geosciences and Environment» offers M.Sc. in:

  • Applied  Environmental Geology and Geophysics
  • Environmental Oceanography
  • Earth Materials - Environment
  • Environmental and Marine Geochemistry
  • Geological Processes in Lithosphere and Geo-Environment

The Postgraduate Studies Progamme focuses in improving the knowledge and expertise of young scientists coming from the fields of Natural Sciences, Engineering, Agricultural and related disciplines in scientific topics of the Geosciences. It aims to create a new generation of scientists who will be able to successfully contribute to the need of our society for improved social and economic conditions which will fulfill the sustainable development of our planet.

Objectives of the Programme

The main objective of the “Geosciences and Environment” Postgraduate Studies Programme is the production of human resources with specialized skills of high level, designed to meet the increasing demand on the interaction of the Geoenvironment and the geological and anthropogenic processes under which it evolves. The Programme aims to develop the research and the advancement of knowledge in Environmental Sciences.

By implementing the design of the Programme, based on the human resources of our Department and related associates and partners, and the departmental infrastructure, the knowledge required is provided in all sub-disciplines of geological sciences concerning: (1) the assessment, recording and evaluation of the potential environmental impact of the various geological processes and anthropogenic interference; (2) the environmental management and the development of appropriate methodologies for tackling adverse effects.