The PIMP-ES awards a Postgraduate Diploma (MSc) in “Environmental Sciences”

The subject of this MSc Program is the multidisciplinary field of Environmental Sciences of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geosciences, Materials Sciences and Applied Mathematics. The Program has a duration of four semesters and is addressed to graduates from disciplines related to Natural and Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine, as well as from Technological Educational Institutes. The program aims to provide high level education to the above graduates, in order to become experts in the analysis of environmental topics, in the study and management of environmental procedures and problems and to being able to contribute in environmental research projects.

The detailed programme of the modules offered in the course is available here.


Interdepartmental and Interuniversity

ΦΕΚ Ίδρυσης/Επανίδρυσης

Πρόσκληση Εκδήλωσης Ενδιαφέροντος