The Special Account of Funds and Research of the University of Patras was established according to the disposition of the Common Ministerial Decision no. KA/679/22.8.1996 that was a modification and commutation of the no. B1/819/20.12.88 Common Ministerial Decision. That decision foreseen the creation of "Special Account" to each one of the Higher Education Institutes, and Technological Institutes in Greece. The objective of this Special Account was the utilization of funds targeting to Research and Development.

The administration of the Special Account consists of:

  • The Research Committee
  • The Secretariat of the Special Account

Research Committee

The Research Committee of the University of Patras consists of representatives elected by the five Schools of the University. The head of the research committee is the Deputy Rector of Research and Development. The responsibilities of the Research Committee are determined by the article 4, par. 6, of the Common Ministerial Decision no. KA/679/22.8.1996.

The most significant duties of the Research Committee are:

  • The elaboration of Proposals for the Senate concerning the research policy of the University of Patras
  • Approval, acceptance and disposal of funds for the materialization of research projects
  • Establishment of the Scientific and Economic Annual Budget of the Special Account
  • Composition of the Funding Guide of the Special Account
  • Searching for funding and notifying the scientific community of the University of Patras regarding scientific projects.
  • Provision of scholarships

The Secretariat of the Special Account

The duties and responsibilities of the secretariat are the following:

  • Monitors the accounting and administrative operations of the Special Account
  • Serves secretarial duties for the Research Committee
  • Elaborates the directives that the Research Committee recommends to the Senate
  • Ensures the execution of the directives of the Research Committee