The Senate supervises the overall operation of the University in compliance with state laws and the Institution’s internal regulations. It forms the Institution’s educational and research policy, plans its development strategy and reports on its regular activities.

According to the provisions of Law 4009/2011 “Structure, operation, quality assurance of studies and internationalization of Higher Education” as amended and in force under the provisions of Law 4076/2012 and Law 4115/2013, the Senate consists of the following members:

  • The Rector

  • The Dean of each School

  • Chairmen of the Departments: up to two from each School, serving a two-year non-renewable term of office on a rotating basis until the number of the Departments of each School is exhausted. The representation of Chairmen is determined by decision of the Rector, issued once.

  • A representative of the undergraduate students, a representative of the postgraduate students and a representative of the PhD candidates, elected for an annual term without the possibility of re-election.

  • One representative of each category of staff according to the provisions of Articles 28 and 29, serving a two-year term with no possibility of re-election, elected by the members of staff of each category from a joint list and participating, with a right to vote, when issues related to the corresponding category are discussed.

The exact composition and number of members of the Senate having the right to vote, as well as conditions and any matter relating to the implementation of the above mentioned procedure are specified in the University Organizational Chart and Internal Regulation, respectively.

Deputy Rectors and the Secretary of the University of Patras may attend meetings of the Senate, without the right to vote.

Responsibilities of the Senate:

  • to oversee the operation of the University and its compliance with state laws and the Internal Regulation

  • to determine the University’s general educational and research policy, planning and development strategy, and to give a regular account of the responsibilities entailed

  • to submit proposals and/or take initiatives linking the University to its social and economic environment, fostering its contribution to regional development, lifelong learning and further education of the public, as well as its cooperation with Greek and international institutions, academics and social bodies

  • to express opinion about splitting, merging or renaming the University and about establishing, abolishing, merging, splitting, relocating or renaming Schools or Departments

  • to approve or modify the Internal Regulation and the Organizational Chart of the Administrative Services

  • to allocate positions of the members of the academic staff across Departments, following the approval by the Ministry of Education of the total number of faculty positions

  • to set up councils and committees and to determine their composition and responsibilities and any other matter related to the operation of the University collective bodies

  • to approve the University’s regular annual budget and Public Investment Programme, as well as to approve its annual report

  • to administer and manage the University’s assets, and to propose to the Ministry of Education the establishment of legal entities for the development and management of its property

  • to decide to suspend the operation and educational work of the University, to determine when semesters begin and end

  • to appoint the Chairman of a Department when there are no candidates

  • to approve specific measures to be taken by the Rector in dealing with emergency situations

  • to express opinion on the establishment of University research institutes

  • to approve Postgraduate Studies Programmes

  • to award the titles of Professor Emeritus and Honorary Professor

  • to delegate its responsibilities to the University Council or to other University bodies.


Secretariat of the Senate

Secretary: Cleopatra Papagianni, tel. +302610969039, +302610969025, e-mail:


Athina Andrikopoulou, tel. +302610996664, e-mail:

Chrysoula Kostakou, tel. +302610969038, e-mail: