The Rector’s Council is a collective governing body of Higher Education Institutions. Its mission is to deal with each Institution’s multitude of issues promptly and flexibly. The Rector’s Council is responsible for the following matters:

  • Proposing strategies to the Senate for the Institution’s development at local, national, European and international level and for shaping it profile in the context of its mission.
  • Drafting the programming agreements, based on which the Institution’s development directions are determined in the Senate.
  • Drafting and reforming the Institution’s annual regular financial budget, the final financial report, and the ones corresponding to the public investment program
    • -submitting them to the Senate for approval
    • -supervising the implementation of the Senate’s relevant decisions.
  • Proposing the Organisation and the Institution’s Internal Regulation drafts to the Rector, brought to the Senate for approval.
  • Proposing to the Senate the establishment of committees to study or deal with issues that fall within its responsibilities.
  • Observing the compliance with the laws, the Organisation and the Internal Regulation.
  • Tackling issues related to the Institution’s administrative services, and deploying administrative staff in them.
  • Proposing the Departments’ distribution and redistribution faculty staff to the Senate.
  • The budget allocates the funds to the educational, research and other activities of the Institution in the framework of the respective program planning agreement.
  • Suggests to the Senate the distribution and redistribution in the Departments of the faculty members.

The Rector’s Council meets once a week provided there are matters to be discussed. All decisions are brought to the Institution’s Senate within a month’s period.


  • Kleopatra Papagianni, Deputy Head


  • | Administration Building, 2nd floor – Deanery, 26500 Campus – Rio, Patras