George Angelopoulos, Vice Rector of Infrastructures and Sustainability

George Angelopoulos

Vice-rector of Students’ Care and Infrastructures, Energy and Sustainability





  • Director of Laboratory of Metallurgy and Materials of Department of Chemical Engineers.

  • Coordinator of the Intra-University UPatras network “Network on Sustainable Management of Resources and Waste Valorisation” (

  • Coordinator of “Sustainable Campus” committee of University of Patras

Research Activities – Experience

  • Valorisation of industrial (metallurgical, mining etc) residues.

  • Processes: Structural ceramics. Cements. Geopolymers. Sintering processes.

  • Pyrometallurgical processes: Slag-metal reactions. Thermodynamics and Kinetics.

  • Surface modification processes (Thermo-, chemical treatment of metals CVD).

  • Process modelling. Thermochemical simulation of multi-element, multiphase systems.

He has been Coordinator of National and European research programs. He has established collaboration with the main “heavy” industries of Greece, as LARKO, Aluminium of Greece, TITAN, AGET, Bauxites Parnassos, National Power Corporation etc. He is instructor of the courses of the Department of Chemical Engineering UPatras, of Materials Science, Metallurgy, Strength of Materials, Mechanics of Materials and Surface Treatments of Metals. Moreover he is person in charge for the industrial internship of the students. He has been member of organisation and/or in the scientific committee of several International or National Conferences. He has been member of the Executive Committee F7 “Surface Characteristics” Carbon and Steel, ECSC, of the European Union. Advisor of students in the frame of Erasmus-Socrates and Leonardo programs (collaboration with France, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Spain).

He has been advisor of 7 Doctorate thesis (one in progress). He has more than 50 publications in SCI journals as well as more than 120 paper presentations in national and international conferences (

Member of Scientific Societies

  • Hellenic Metallurgical Society

  • Hellenic Ceramic Society

  • Industrial By-Products Research and Development Association (ΕVIPAR)

  • Technical Chamber of Greece

  • European Ceramic Society

  • American Society of Metals (ASM International)


  • “Special Porous Plugs for fine bubbling in metal melts” EU patent application 1260289.

  • “Process for the Production of Structural ceramics from Bayer’s process Residue’’ Patent 20070100393