Cooperation with Johns Hopkins University

The University of Patras has signed a formal Education Agreement with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (link is external) for the collaboration in research and student/faculty exchanges.

The University of Patras, represented by Professor Dimitrios Dougenis, M.D., Ph.D., former Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Personnel, and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, represented by the Dean and CEO, Professor Edward D. Miller, M.D., decided to promote co-operation in the fields of research and education in order to strengthen their respective programs and enhance international exchanges.

The University of Patras and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine mutually agreed:

  1. To pursue exchange of teaching and research staff, students and administrative staff, as well as knowledge and experience acquired in research.
  2. To organize short visits of teaching staff and other scientific and research staff for studies, lectures and research.
  3. To promote the exchange of under-graduate medical students, graduate and post-graduate students for short periods, on special agreements, to attend courses or training in laboratories of the respective Universities.
  4. To host administrative officials for visits at the respective Institutions in order to evaluate and improve the program/s of this agreement.
  5. To initiate joint research programs in areas of mutual interest. The cooperative research effort will be based on the Departments and Schools functioning in the respective institutions at the time of signing the agreement. 
  6. To work toward co-operation in other areas of interest to both Institutions.

The two institutions officially initiated the collaboration on April 11, 2008, when representatives of the University of Patras visited Johns Hopkins to sign the agreement.

The official presentation of the agreement in Greece was held on October 15, 2008, when Myron L. Weisfeldt, MD., Director of the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, visited the University of Patras and the University Hospital. In another ceremony held in Athens the following day, the Memorandum of Understanding was presented to the Greek State authorities as well as to the entire Greek academic community.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Hopkins to share new ideas with an outstanding Institution abroad”, stated Myron L. Weisfeldt, who facilitated and developed the areas of collaboration. “We are expecting a fruitful relationship for Hopkins as well as the University of Patras.” added Professor M. L. Weisfeldt.

“We share similar visions and have parallel missions” stated Professor D. Dougenis, former Vice Rector of the University of Patras and Chairman of the Greek Committee of the Hellenic Hopkins Initiative at the time.

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