Placements mobility

A placement is a period of time in an enterprise or organisation in another participating country, with a view to helping individuals to adapt to the requirements of the Community-wide labour market, to acquiring a specific skill and to improving understanding of the economic and social culture of the country concerned in the context of acquiring work experience.

The period may be supported as appropriate by preparatory or refresher courses in the host language or working language.

Host organisations for student placements may be enterprises, training centres, research centres and other organisations.

The characteristics of the individual placements are:

  • Full recognition must be given by the home higher education institution for the period spent abroad
  • The student must be provided with a Training Agreement regarding the program of the placement period; this agreement must be endorsed by the home higher education institution and the host organisation.

The period of placement must be covered by a placement contract endorsed by the sending higher education institution, the sending consortium (if applicable), the host organisation and the beneficiary.