University Facilities in Patras (Rion)

The map of the University Campus of Patras is available here.

Main premises

The initial premises of the University Campus consisted of a complex of 20 small single-floor prefabricated buildings, 390 m² each, built in 1984 within the southwestern part of the plot. From 1972 to 1975 the first two conventional structure buildings were erected, known as Building A and B respectively.

Today, the most important buildings of the University of Patras are the following:

  • Building A
  • Building B
  • School of Natural Sciences amphitheater complexes
  • Physics Department Building
  • Chemistry Department Building
  • Computer Engineering and Informatics Department Building
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology Department Building
  • Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department Building
  • Civil Engineering Department Building
  • Education and Social Work Department Building
  • Chemical Engineering Department Building
  • Biology Department Building
  • Geology Department Building
  • Mathematics Department Building
  • Preclinical Medicine Department Building
  • Clinical Medicine Department Building
  • Prefabricated Buildings Complex
  • Central Library and Information Center Building
  • University Conference and Cultural Center Building

Other premises

  • Student Residence
  • University Offices
  • Sports center and stadiums
  • University Gym
  • Science and Technology Museum
  • UPfm Radio Station
  • University of Patras Experimental Schools “E. Papanoutsos ”
  • Training and Lifelong Learning Center
  • Property of the University in Riganokampos
  • University General Hospital of Patras

University premises in Agrinio

A map of the University of Patras premises in Agrinio is available here.

The most important University premises in Agrinio are the following:

  • Sustainable Agriculture Department Building
  • Food Science and Technology Department Building
  • Departmental Library facilities
  • University of Patras Library and Information Center

Other premises of the University of Patras

The University of Patras also maintains facilities in Koukouli (Patras) and Messolonghi.

A map of the University of Patras premises in Koukouli (Patras) is available here.

A map of the University of Patras premises in Messolonghi is available here.