The Student Residence Hall is located within the campus, about 300 m East of the Administration Building. The residence has 664 single and 17 double bedrooms, a large restaurant, a theatre, an indoor swimming- pool, recreational facilities and snack-bars. Accommodation costs about 5€ per day. There is also a smaller Student Residence at Sihena, situated about 4 km East of the campus, which is owned by the University and operated by the Directorate of Student Care. Monthly cost, including tax and bank charges: a) Single room 130€, b) Double room 90€ per person. A security deposit equal to one month’s rent is also required. The deposit is refundable at the end of the accommodation period, provided that the room is in good condition.

A number of students find private accommodation, individually or shared, mainly in rented flats. A typical student flat has a single bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Some students rent 2-bedroom flats which can be shared. In the area around the campus, a single bedroom flat costs about 300€ and a double bedroom flat about 350€ per month. These prices do not include electricity, water, heating and maintenance expenses. Therefore, students should allow for additional expenses of about 100€ per month. The first month’s rent and a security deposit, which is usually equivalent to one month’s rent, is to be paid before students move in, as a guarantee against any damage. The security deposit or a portion of it, depending on the condition of the flat at the time of departure, will be refunded when students move out. There are advertisements for flats in the daily local newspapers.

Some students stay in hotels offering discount rates upon private arrangement. In any case, it is important that students plan their budget very carefully from the beginning and make realistic financial provisions in order to meet their expenses without any problems.

Information about accommodation for Erasmus students

Accommodation options for Incoming Erasmus students (SMS):

  • Accommodation at Hostel UPatras which is located 4 Km from the main University Campus (there is regular bus service to the campus and to the center of Patras). The Hostel is owned by the University and operated by the Directorate of Student Care. Monthly rent is 130€ for a single room and 90€ per person for a double room. The price includes electricity/water/heating expenses and internet connection. A security deposit equal to one month’s rent is also required.
    Important note: In order to ensure room availability for both semesters, students are expected to check out four days after the official end date of winter semester, at the latest, and check in five days before the start date of spring semester, at the earliest, unless otherwise informed by the responsible person at Hostel UPatras.
  • Private accommodation: Students should make their own arrangements.Students should make their own arrangements. Assistance may be provided by ESN UoPA.