Department of Food Science and Technology


  • Duration of studies: 5 years
  • Levels of studies: Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral
  • The Department of Food Science and Technology was founded in 2019 following the needs of society for a modern and pioneering University Department that will deal with the production and processing of food that comprise an integral part of human life and health. Given that in recent decades we have increasingly realized the enormous importance of nutrition, not only for health but also for the quality of our lives, there is a strong need for scientific knowledge that will be produced, developed and transferred to society through highly qualified scientists in this field. This is both the ultimate and the most ambitious goal of the Department in the context of synergies and interdisciplinary flows among the other departments that make up the School of Agricultural Sciences of University of Patras.


  • Head: Grigorios BELIGIANNIS, Professor
  • Deputy Head: Georgios STYLIARAS, Associate Professor
  • Secretary: Evangelos SIAMOS