Gender Equality Committee

The Gender Equality Committee (GEC) was established by the Senate of the University of Patras, in accordance with Law 4589/2019 (Government Gazette 13/A/ 29.1.2019), as an advisory body to the Senate and to the University Schools and Departments, with the aim to promote equality at all levels of operation and in all processes of academic life.

The Gender Equality Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • prepares action plans to promote and ensure substantive gender equality in the educational, research and administrative procedures of the University and submits an annual report to the Senate
  • recommends to the Universities competent bodies measures for gender equality promotion and combatting sexism
  • provides information and training to academic community members on matters related to gender and equality
  • mediates in cases of complaints of discriminatory treatment or harassing behavior
  • promotes postgraduate programs, seminars and lectures focusing on gender studies
  • promotes research studies on topics related to its field of competence
  • provides assistance to University’s members who report being victims of discriminatory behavior. The internal regulation of the University of Patras includes further, more detailed provisions intended to support of victims of discrimination.

The University of Patras GEC consists of the following members:

  • Anna Roussou, Professor, Department of Philology (President)
  • Ioannis Garofalakis, Professor, Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics
  • Evangelia Papadimitriou, Professor, Department of Pharmacy
  • Eugenia Arvaniti, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education
  • Niki Georgiadou, Associate Professor, Department of Management Science and Technology
  • Eugenia Mylonaki, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
  • Maria (Maro) Galani, Special Education Staff member (EEP), Department of Education and Social Work
  • Theoni Tzouramani, Staff Member, Department of Mathematics
  • Fotini Christopoulou, postgraduate student, Department of Medicine

The activities of the Gender Equality Committee focus on the following three main areas:

  • prevention of discriminating actions and development of counter-strategies
  • support to all members of the University community and strengthening of the processes for the promotion of equality and prevention of sexism
  • informing the University community on gender and equality issues.